Police discovered a meth lab in an Indiana Walmart bathroom back in 2015

An image of the restrooms that were closed after the meth lab’s discovery. Source: Facebook

According to local media reports, the Indiana State Police announced the discovery of a meth lab inside the bathroom of a Walmart in Muncie in 2015. Tools used to cook the dangerous and addictive drug were found in a backpack that was left sitting in the men’s room.

The bathroom was closed for some days in order for all traces of meth to be professionally cleaned and removed. Meth is a particularly dangerous drug, and any kind of exposure to it could cause serious health issues.

The discovery was made in a front bathroom by the cash registers. A Walmart official says an alert worker saw a man in the store with a backpack and that the man had been seen in the store several times before buying stuff related to the meth making process.

That worker told police who were already in the store and cops were trailing the man.

The man went in to the bathroom with the backpack, but came out moments later without it. Police looked inside of it and found some of the tools meth cooks use.

State police say this was consistent with the type of meth cooking process known as “shake and bake” or “one pot” meth which is becoming a trend.

In the last twelve months, over 100 meth labs in Delaware County were busted by police, and the majority of them used a similar process to the backpack setup discovered at Walmart.

Police say this could have been a lot worse because corrosive acid had eaten through the bottom of the backpack and some ended up in the bathroom. There were no reports of any members of the public or employees at the Walmart getting sick from the meth backpack; on a positive note, the suspect apparently set the fumes to ventilate out of the store, rather than back into the restroom.