Woman sues car dealership, claiming it ‘threatened to share her nude photos’

A file photo of an unrelated car dealership. Source: Facebook
A file photo of an unrelated car dealership. Source: Facebook

A woman from Dublin, Georgia is reportedly suing a local car dealer after making a claim that the business threatened to release nude photos of her following a dispute over adding leather seats to a vehicle.

According to reports by local media, the customer, named as Amy D. Graham, first wrote a complaint on social media after she was denied having leather seats installed on a vehicle she had purchased from the dealership. This was despite her claim that the dealer had already signed a document to confirm it would upgrade the seats.

The lawsuit contends that after the dealer’s refusal to upgrade the seats, Graham then posted a comment on social media sharing the negative experience. An employee from the dealer then allegedly called Graham to say the seats would not be installed until the comment was removed.

This is where things get weird. According to the lawsuit, the employee from the then said that ‘it had nude photos of Graham’.

According to the lawsuit, the employee threatened to release the photos to Graham’s husband if the negative comment was not removed from social media. It’s not immediately clear how the dealership could have obtained nude photos of Graham.

Social media users were united in their criticism of the dealership after the news broke online. “Car dealerships are so scummy, I can’t wait till that business model is allowed to die and I buy a car directly from the manufacturer, preferably online,” wrote one man.

Meanwhile, other users speculated about how the photos could have been obtained, putting forward outlandish theories involving the woman offering the photos to the dealership during the car transaction in the hope of obtaining a discount.

Graham’s attorney spoke to the media to make a brief statement, saying: “The pleadings speak for themselves… We hope to get the matter resolved through litigation.”